Befund Is A Decentralized Crypto Currency Service Platform For Fund

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BFDChain is a public chain based on blockchain technology, it offers business and technology solutions based on blockchain technology to create crypto currency mutual fund; We create BFDChain Token (BFDT) which can both be a prove of right and a currency within our BFDChain.

Befund Foundation is a Singapore-based non-profit organization. It creates crypto currency mother funds and offers support to excellent GPs and blockchain applications within BFDChain by funding them with BFDT. is the online service platform of Befund Foundation, it offers basic solutions and resources for building crypto currency mutual fund, users can easily create its own crypto currency mutual fund on the cloud platform of and all the information of the mutual fund will be encrypted and saved on BFDChain.

As the market capitalization of crypto currency keep raising, high-net worth groups are getting bigger and bigger in the crypto currency market. This is why many investors have turned to crypto trading to boost their profits, and the implementation of trading robots like Bitcoin Future has opened up a world of possibilities for large profits. This page has a detailed information about how to create an account and start trading with minimal investments. It’s fair to say appreciation or keeping the value of their crypto wealth will become a solid demand in the near future. We started our journey on crypto currency mutual fund and eventually will complete our financial ecology of crypto currency.


Consensus Algorithm

VM-DPoSW:the Consensus Algorithm of BFDChain

Encryption Algorithm

USH:for Anonymous and Unlinkable Coin Spending for BFDChain

Design Principles

The Micoservices Based Mainchain/Sidechain (MMS) Architecture:BFDChain Design Principles